We'll know the USCCB is serious when it begins a conference with this

The first order of business for the Gab Fest was a surrender to the Molly Yard of Modernism who was INSISTENT (quote) they not vote on any plans to reform their malign management of queer clerics and their catamites before the Bishop of Rome could try and befog the facts next year in Rome.

The music they did choose to open the meeting was a signal to all that they are not serious men.

The music begins at 2:40

A mendacious Menu

Oncet, ABS was on the Gulf Coast of Florida and he ordered a plate of Chunky Cheerleader Legswhich were just some deep fried frog legs.

ABS couldn't finish the order...

Another Lil' Licit Liturgy, another heresy expounded.

CONVERSION DefinitionAny turning or changing from a state of sin to repentance, from a lax to a fervent way of life, from unbelief to faith, and from a non-Christian religion to Christianity. Since the Second Vatican Council the term is not used to describe a non-Catholic Christian becoming a Catholic. The preferred term is "entering into full communion with the Church." (Etym. Latin conversio, a turning, overturning, turning around; turning point; change.)
CHANGE DefinitionIn general, any newness in a being or any origin of a difference. More properly, it is the passing from potency (or possibility) to actuality, which may be either substantial or merely accidental. Substantial change is creation, which means origin form previous nonexistence; or transubstantiation, which is complete change of a substance; or transformation, which occurs when a new living being comes into existence, when food is changed into the living organism that absorbs it, or when a living being dies. Acc…

Whacked Evangelicals. This is what is wrong with America

Owing to the hiring of thousands of guards for their huge warehouses of WWJD Gear, the unemployment percentage of the American workforce is quite low.

Stealing elections fair and square

In Florida - the scam capital of America - there will be recounts of the completed ballots for Governor and Senators (and others) that were "read" by automatic scanners.

It is hard to imagine the machines were biased because the ballot has the name of the candidate, next to which is an arrow with a blank middle. 

All one has to do is pencil in the blank area to make the arrow complete to vote for the loser you desire to mess-up your life.

If a voter can't do that, his ballot should be cast aside not cast as an imaginary completed ballot owing to some imputed intent

There has been speculation that the Senate race’s placement in the bottom left corner of the Broward ballot, away from the state races that got more votes, was responsible for the undercount. But Elias said that there were significant disparities even between congressional districts in the county meant the issue could be with voting machines. “The scanning equipment may not have caught it,” he said. “The intent is …


ABS was at Oktoberfest in Munich many years ago when he ran into the son of Adolph Hitler's Cousin, Adelph Hitler.
Sir. what do you have to say about your famous Uncle?
Dolphie?  Well, there can be no denying the fact that he was controversial but he was really good at grilling sausages.
O, and with more than one of his orifices, he could generate the oddest sounds that used to made many men laugh once they had consumed two or three liters liters of Spaten.