Kansas City Chiefs

Here is a photograph of former star Quarterback of The Kansas City Chiefs, Len Dawson, smoking a cigarette during half time of the first Super Bowl game.

The cigarette is one thing, but drinking a Fresca?  He is obviously being punished by Coach Hank Stram for a crummy first half performance.

Notice the sparsely appointed locker room; Doggie Day Care residents now have better facilities. 

What were other teams doing during half time back in the day?

Well, during a typical halftime of an Oakland Raiders game, the players would take two hits of crystal meth, wash it down with a tumbler of Tequila, and then they'd dance The Hucklebuck on top of a burning effigy of NFL Commissioner Alvin "Pete" Rozelle.

MASS (Masculine, Adult, Serious, Solemn) in D (Dignified) #2


MASS (Masculine, Adult, Serious, Solemn) in D (Dignified)


Amateur Brain Surgeon was blesssed to assist at a Real Mass at Holy Spirit Church in Lantana, Florida on Sunday.

Here are a few serious and solemn sights and several good, true, and beautiful selections from The Propers of this most proper Real Mass:

Five more to come tomorrow

Opening to the world resulted in a worldly church

During his reign, Pope Paul VI ,abruptly without consultation, issued a motu proprio that forbid Cardinals to vote in papal elections once they reached 80 years of age:

When Fr. Raymond Dulac was asked his opinion of Paul Vi’s decision to take away the right of voting in papal elections from cardinals 80 years and older, he made these statements: 

This decision taking away the right of voting in the papal election from a whole category of cardinals, is an enormous decision. Until now, the most important part of their function was this right. It commands and effects their beheading in the most accurate sense of this word; they keep their hats, but their heads are chopped off. This is what the ancient Romans called diminutio capitis, a lessening or amputation of their civil rights and, of course, of their personality. 

Let us not forget that the statute creating the cardinals’ right to elect the Pope dates back to the year 1059; that during the arduous course of this thousand-year period o…

ABS vs Pope Benedict's 2005 speech to The Curia

In the great dispute about man which marks the modern epoch, the Council had to focus in particular on the theme of anthropology. It had to question the relationship between the Church and her faith on the one hand, and man and the contemporary world on the other (cf. ibid.). The question becomes even clearer if, instead of the generic term "contemporary world", we opt for another that is more precise:  the Council had to determine in a new way the relationship between the Church and the modern era. 

Why?  Tradition teaches that our ancient and permanent enemies are The World, the Flesh and The Devil; in that order.

What if the Pope had claimed the Church had to determine in a new way its relationship with the Flesh?

What if the Pope had claimed the Church had to determine in a new way its relationship with the Devil?

This relationship had a somewhat stormy beginning with the Galileo case. It was then totally interrupted when Kant described "religion within pure reason"…

Laughter is a great response to the Peronist scold

As a Irish Algonquin Catholic Traditionalist who has kept abreast of all the scandals and silliness that has been part of the New Theology that infected and kilt Vatican Two and its aftermath, ABS is sick to death of the woe-is-us'ism of so many soi disant trads today.

Hell, man, turn off the TV, listen to some classical music and drink some quality red wine; make love to your Bride, cook some real food, make your own bread, create your own dry rubs for your meat, fish, and chicken that you will cook out for the family; ride your bike early in the morning, watching the sunrise as you tell your beads, spend less time watching sports and more time reading, get down on the floor and get childish with your grandchildren and let them make-up the games they want to play and follow all of their rules, and Thank God that you can still easily frequent the Sacraments even if it is only at the local Lil' Licit Liturgy.

Enough, already of the we-iz-doomed'ism, because, even though we ar…