Pope Paul VI's revolutionary act forcing retirement upon aged Cardinals

According to the Pope’s November 24 Motu Proprio, beginning next January no eighty -year-old cardinal will be able to participate in the election of the Pontiff. Presently, these persons amount to twenty-five. Among them is saintly Cardinal Ottaviani, who celebrated his eightieth birthday on October 29, 1970. Question: What does His Eminence think about this decision of Paul VI? Answer: More important than my personal opinion, which could be deemed biased because of my age, I should like to convey the feelings of canons, prelates, and even renowned hierarchs who are unaware of the current problems of the Church. Undoubtedly they all are impressd by this unusual and expeditious way of enacting this grave disruption in the high ecclesiastical hierarchy. This radical change was implemented without previous consultation with experts and specialists, at least to observe the formalities to a certain extent. Question: Why did Your Eminence say "unusual?” Perhaps because no one ex…


Two Catholic priests were taken into custody after being caught performing sex acts on each other in a parked rental car near Miami Beach, according to reports. Diego Berrio, 39, and Edwin Giraldo Cortez, 30, were charged with lewd and lascivious behavior after passersby spotted their tryst in broad daylight inside a Volkswagen Beetle, which was “in full view of the public,” according to CBS Miami. After receiving a complaint, police arrived at the scene to see the sexual acts still going on. The officers were easily able to spot the two, as the car was parked next to a playground and did not have tinted windows. The two priests were so engaged that they didn’t notice when police were there until officers tapped on the window, according to CBS. Both Berrio and Cortez are from Arlington Heights, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Berrio is a priest at Mission of San Juan Diego, while Cortez served at the St. Aloysius Parish in Chicago. Both were removed from the ministry, according to WPLG. “It…

There is one in a million like you

But in China that just means there are one thousand others like you.

At least that is the way ABS looks at it.

Inertia Into Indifferentism

As the society of sodomites struggles to hold on to its power and perks, other power centers also strive to hold on to their power and perks - The Bishopric and Cardinalate - as they continue, as they have since his election, to refuse to confront the many manifest errors and heresies of The Bishop of Rome.

Invisibilium within the The Hierarchy is that man whose puissant possession of Tradition is such that it could be applied as a force against our Inertia Into Indifferentism.

Abp. Ganswein's public support of an officially approved conspiracy theory

For it is September 11th, which in America - since the Fall of 2001 - has only been referred to as "9/11" in reference to that apocalyptic disaster in which members of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda attacked the United States of America as the whole world watched, in New York and Washington - using fully occupied passenger planes, which they had captured in-flight, as missiles.
It is not too surprising that  our Hierarchy has entirely accepted the conspiracy theory of the American establishment that the caveman, Osama bin Laden, was the 911 perp because most of our Hierarchy have been deeply influenced by the propaganda of the Anglo-Zionist Empire.
But the reality is that the 911 perp prolly was Israel.
Most men are fearful of being labelled a conspi…

Bishop Barron swings and myths on Lincoln as an example

He compares today’s abuse crises within the Church to the U.S. Civil War and President Abraham Lincoln, who felt slavery was repugnant and diametrically opposed to the principles and ideals of freedom and equality. Instead of abandoning the country, Lincoln chose to fight to save the Union and its principles. Catholics should choose a similar path, Barron pleads.
Lord have Mercy. That is entirely wrong. Lincoln was a rabid racist who wasn't bothered that slavery was legal. All one has to do is google his first inauguration speech. This is an embarrassing error for a prelate to make publicly.
Up until the day the tyrannical war criminal got what was coming to him, he had continued to work to deport the blacks and/or get to them to agree to move to what is now Panama and mine for coal.

Sure, Honest Abe (He got the nickname,…